About Us

What is Skip The Interval?

Skip The Interval has been set up during the COVID-19 pandemic by a group of theatre lovers. The main aim is the provide audiences with a chance to see top-quality theatre performances, whilst the theatres and venues across the world are shut.

In doing so, and where possible, we provide links to various arts organisations that you can donate to. We don’t take a cut of this, we simply link you directly to the organisations website, and you can make your mind up.

For arts organisations, the pandemic obviously means it’s an incredibly tough time. Theatre will be back, and we are all excited about that. Whilst shows are dark, the internet provides and incredible opportunity to connect with both current audiences and brand new ones.

Mistakes / Something missing?

We know we’re not perfect, and we’re hoping that this site will be as much of a collaboration as possible. If you’ve spotted something wrong, or you know of some great online content that’s missing, please do tell us. We really want to know…the more we have on the site, the better it is for everybody.

Want something removed? No problem, just let us know and we’ll get it taken down for you.

This is a great idea, what can I do to help?

Firsty, thanks! Secondly, enjoy everything on the site. Comment on any of the pages. You can even sign up for our Newsletter. We won’t bombard you, but will keep you posted on the hottest shows online!

Finally, if you were able to share the site to your friends on Social Media, then please do. You know the drill – Like/Comment Share!

You’ll see the links all over the site! Thanks!